Friday 4 February 2022


Thank you to those of you that have emailed and messaged me because I have not been posting lately, I thought I had better let you all know what I am doing - I am having a major revamp in my craft room and it is taking ages.  I also had my 4th Covid Jab on Tuesday - I have a compromised immune system and needed an additional shot and I have been feeling really, really tired since, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

So far I have removed 14 black bags of rubbish from the room and I have only looked at two walls - it could take a while longer.   I can't believe how much stash I have accumulated over the past 10 years and also how outdated some of it is, I would never use it now - I'm not normally a hoarder but it appears that I am when it comes to craft supplies, aren't we all!

It is probably going to take me at least another week, if not longer because I am going to completely re-organise everything to make it easier to find, I'm wondering how everyone else organses their stamps and dies - do you organise by brand or by type, I really can't make my mind up at the moment and would like to hear what you all do.

Well, I'd better get back at it or I'll never get it finished.