Friday, 13 July 2012

The Olympic Torch came to Town

On Wednesday the Olympic Torch came to Andover, the route went along the top of our road.  It was due to arrive at 4:30pm and I began to get a bit worried when people started to walk up the road at 2:00pm - I knew that my youngest son Laurence (who has autism) would not be able to wait around for ages.  We walked up at about 3:45 and managed to find a space.

It was a wonderful sunny afternoon (that was a miracle in itself) and I was amazed how well organised it was.  First we had some Majorettes, sorry they caught me by surprise and I didn't manage a photograph, they were followed by 'Test Valley Brass'

They look a bit hot don't they! There was a bus from Samsung giving out blow up plastic batons for the children (sorry mine are 'young adults' - or at least that's what they tell me) to play with

followed by a Coca Cola lorry giving out free bottles of Coke, very popular and welcome

Sorry, I only got the back end of the lorry - I was busy getting my free Coke.  Lloyds TSB came next with their vintage bus - unfortunately they weren't handing out any money!

There were loads of police cars and motorbikes but I didn't bother to take photos of them and then finally the torch bearer - sorry I don't have a clue who she was.

It was quite well supported, we were right at the end of the route, apparently there were thousands of people down in the town centre.

The only thing that I don't understand and that spoiled it a bit for me personally was that I did not have a clue who the person was carrying the torch.  There were five people chosen to carry the torch who lived in Andover, one who is a close friend, but not one of them carried the torch through Andover.  Our friend carried it in Salisbury, this makes no sense at all to me, I would have much preferred to have seen an Andover person carry the torch in Andover.  Does anyone know why they did it like this?  If so, please leave me a comment and let me know.

Well that's the excitement over, Andover can go back to sleep again now.

I just though I would share this with you, I feel so sorry for all of those that have had their day spoiled due to the rain, we were really lucky.



Victoria said...

Lovely to read about the torch in your area!

sue - bearhouse said...

such fabulous photos, looks like you were very lucky with the weather


Susan Flynn said...

Hi Pauline your pictures are fabulous in fact they made me cry!! I was so excited about seeing the torch when it came to Blackpool. However on the day it was torrential rain (that bad it was shown on the news) and I had been to the dentist to have a troublesome tooth removed so I wasn't feeling like standing out in a deluge. But it was nice to see yours and I'm so glad it was a nice day! Thanks for sharing your pictures xx

~♥~The Navy Wife~♥~ said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day Pauline! I remember in 2000 (wow that is a lifetime ago lol) when I saw the torch in Sydney, it is a surreal moment in time. Glad the weather held out for you too!

rachel said...

great to see your day Pauline - and I'm so glad it was sunny for you xx

Betty said...

Looks as if you had a great day Pauline. I think the torch is coming to IOW this weekend but I won't be going as it's the other side of the island and I have previous engagement. I have no idea who is carrying the torch

Elaine said...

Fab photo's Pauline . Hugs Elaine

Betty said...

Hi Pauline fancy your parents both born on I.O.W. I was born and still live at Ventnor right near St. Lawrence where your dad was born. We still live in the same road where my hubby was born at Upper Ventnor...not the same house

Cumbrianlass said...

So glad you had a fine day for the torch, it poured when it came to Kendal, so nothing different there.
All your pictures are great everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Cardelcards said...

The torchbearers for Andover are listed here.......
Hope that helps.
C xx